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How We Work

We Understand You Have Decisions To Make

When you know it’s time to ensure you have a plan that takes you toward the financial future you want, then it’s also time to ensure your advisor uses a planning process that will bring you clarity, confidence and results.

That’s why we use a trademarked process called the Wealth Optimization SystemTM to help our clients plan. The process brings a systematic approach to clarifying your vision for the future, your values, and the goals that will contribute to that future. Based on that, we can then develop creative solutions to address the planning gap. When you choose to implement, we’ll work with you to put the pieces in place, and then manage those results and tune the plan accordingly.

Wealth planning goals are ultimately governed by three objectives: the need for Financial Independence, the desire to create a Family Legacy, and the desire to make a difference beyond our own family – we call that Social Capital Legacy.

These objectives are more often at work unconsciously and they influence your decision-making. By bringing them to the forefront, you can deliberately steer your wealth and estate planning decisions.

There are no accidental plans, only intentional ones. The Goal Pyramid helps you make plans on purpose.