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What Matters Most


We begin and end by clarifying your goals


Pressure-testing your goals is a great way to ensure they’re the ones that will make sense in the long term. That’s why we work with you to rank and sequence your goals, and then dig deeper:


Is it clearly stated and will it contribute to your Vision? Too often, people move directly into a “goals” conversation before taking a minute to slow down and really appreciate the big picture, the vision that’s behind the goals


Why is the goal important to you, your business, your family or your community?

Supporting Resources

What resources (both financial and non-financial ) do you have access to that will help you achieve this goal.


What could get in the way of your progress?


How ready are you to actually act on this goal?

When you’re clear, and when you’ve tested your goals using our proprietary GISOR™ model, we’ll ask you to sign off on those goals. And when you’re clear, we’re clear. We can develop financial plans, approaches, strategies and solutions that will help you achieve those goals and move toward the future you want.

Not everyone plans like we do. Not everyone wants to know what’s important to you. But we do. It’s the heart and soul of our work.